edjuster Partners with StaySafe to Deliver Workplace Safety Solutions to Lone Workers in Field Service Claims

StaySafe app delivers peace of mind for claims professionals in remote or work alone service roles

edjuster, a leading North American provider of end-to-end services for the property contents insurance marketplace, today announced that they have successfully implemented an enhanced solution to reduce risk for lone workers in field service claims roles.

edjuster’s “Working Alone and Remote Location” policy and procedures are intended to promote employee awareness and facilitate employee safety when they are working alone and/or in remote locations. If a lone worker is in a remote location isolated from others, they are required to check in regularly to ensure their safety and wellbeing. 

To this end, edjuster has partnered with StaySafe,the innovative lone working solution, which ensures that lone workers have a way to signal for help or support in any onsite situation.

In support of edjuster’s enhanced “Working Alone and Remote Location” policy, StaySafe provides the protection and peace of mind that both employees and the company needs to overcome common challenges that claims representatives may face in field service roles. The StaySafe app monitors the safety status of lone claims representatives in real-time and allows them to check in safely once they have finished a lone working or travel session. The app does not collect any personal or confidential information of the user and employees are in complete control of when their location is visible to ensure their privacy is maintained. A note-taking facility allows lone workers to add extra details to a session, such as where in a building they are based or when they are about to enter an area of low signal to make it easier to locate them in an emergency. In areas with minimal coverage, the app will automatically switch to low-signal mode and alerts will continue to be sent to the Hub via SMS.

If an employee fails to check-in safely during a session or raises a panic alert in the app, responders within the organisation will be immediately alerted through the StaySafe Monitoring Hub. They will quickly verify the alert and dispatch the appropriate assistance to the employee. The StaySafe Monitoring Hub provides edjuster with an accurate location and up-to-date safety status, so that the company always knows employees are safe, even when travelling between different sites during the day.

“StaySafe is an efficient and value saving solution that allows us to monitor the location of all our field claims professionals when they are onsite. StaySafe is an utmost priority for us as it provides an important capability in ensuring we are doing all we can to look after the well-being and safety of our people while out on challenging loss sites. Our team can easily check-in and feel confident that an alert system is in place to assure their safety”, said Andy Williams, edjuster’s CEO. “It has been well accepted and embraced by our employees, who feel safer knowing that the StaySafe solution is there”.


StaySafe is a smartphone app and cloud-based monitoring service which tracks employee location via GPS or satellite and alerts their employer if they do not check-in within a specified time. The app offers a wide range of functions including panic button, check-in, man-down and duress alerts. StaySafe currently protects the lives of thousands of employees within both major brands and small businesses, across 6 continents.

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