edjuster Modernizes Insurance Claims Process with Streamlined Field Support

Enhanced pandemic operations deliver fully virtual contents claims process for insurers and policyholders

edjuster, a Crawford® Company, and a leading North American provider of end-to-end services for the property contents insurance marketplace, today announced a completely virtual contents insurance claims process for insurers. The enhanced offering reduces claims processing time and overall expenses for insurers and policyholders.

During the past two years, edjuster has pivoted and adapted its proprietary content claims processing methods to ensure seamless operations and minimal impact to its insurer clients and end user policyholders. This enhanced virtual claims handling process is here to stay, as it protects customers and employees with new and innovative virtual field handling capabilities. Pandemic response requirements have eliminated the need for claims representatives to physically be onsite for all field assignments, as mobile devices and edjuster’s market leading exclaim SaaS platform are powering over eighty percent of new field assignments.

 edjuster’s virtual claims process enables a highly efficient triage of new claim assignments. Content claims reps can quickly assess each claim to determine if a physical onsite inventory is necessary—often eliminating unnecessary travel time and associated expenses. edjuster representatives can conduct a virtual inventory by video collaboration to determine the overall loss while documenting the lost or damaged items. Additionally, items can be evaluated for cleaning,  restoration or repair versus replacement. Inventory photos and additional documentation to verify loss and damage are captured electronically, eliminating the need for onsite visits. The entire contents inventory process can be completed on one screen–safely, simply, and securely—while reducing costs and manual intervention.

 “I am pleased with the new level of modernization and the ability of our operational  leadership to adapt so successfully to a much more effective  field claims process in the face of a changed claims landscape. This change in business process  underscores our commitment to minimize the pandemic impact to insurers,” said Andy Williams, edjuster’s CEO. “I’m incredibly proud of our team’s ability to offer uninterrupted service and support throughout the most challenging times while remaining focused on innovative technology solutions.”

 “Our virtual field claims process reflects the evolution of Total Contents, which was introduced as a benchmark program over three years ago and has now evolved into the very DNA of our company”, said Dennis Squibb, Senior Director of Strategy. “Our team of content experts is focused on delivering the highest value to our customers, in the most efficient manner, while benefiting all parties.”


edjuster is a Crawford ® Company and North America’s leading provider of technology-enabled end to end services to the property contents insurance marketplace. edjuster offers insurers and their policyholders the assurance of performance excellence guaranteed on claims services—leveraging a combination of people and technology. edjuster offers a suite of customizable services, providing end-to-end solutions for all types and sizes of contents claims, from outsourcing support services to software as a service (SaaS) through the use of its exclaim contents valuation platform. Our non-partisan performance excellence guaranteed approach consistently contributes to enhancing the image and reputation of our insurer clients and ensures that policyholders remain satisfied and loyal.

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edjuster's mission aligns directly with its brand promise for performance excellence guaranteed contents claims settlements.

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Simply put, this promise answers the demands of all parties concerned: insurers, adjusters and policyholders. We’re proud to be aligned with a vision that recognizes the importance of providing unparalleled contents claims services. Practically this translates into accuracy, consistency, improved cycle times, and most importantly, the reassurance of dispute-free insurer and policyholder claims settlements and satisfaction on every claim handled.
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