Hurricane Aftermath: Contents Inventory for Homeowners

edjuster has deployed several of its field inventory teams to Texas and Florida to provide inventory and customer service to the thousands of people who have incurred damage and loss of their personal contents, due to the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Irma in the State of Florida.

As the damage from these two catastrophic Hurricanes begins assessment; insurance companies across the United States have begun to engage edjuster to deploy mobile response units to assess the damage of property contents.

edjuster is utilizing numerous field inventory teams from its US market to provide the additional resources required to support the excessive claims volume capacity. edjuster’s  claims representatives will leverage the company’s exclaim mobile, to complete inventory on non-restorable contents.

“As we begin to process the claims of our insureds, we rely on the trusted and efficient contents inventory of our chosen partner, edjuster”, said Greg Jensen, Field Director, Germania Farm Mutual Insurance. “edjuster has successfully managed our contents claims, in an efficient and professional manner, reliably supporting the needs of our customers.

The recovery process for homeowners in the path of Hurricane Harvey and Hurrican Irma will be a long one. edjuster is there to help with the first critical step of contents inventory completion.

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edjuster's mission aligns directly with its brand promise for performance excellence guaranteed contents claims settlements.

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Simply put, this promise answers the demands of all parties concerned: insurers, adjusters and policyholders. We’re proud to be aligned with a vision that recognizes the importance of providing unparalleled contents claims services. Practically this translates into accuracy, consistency, improved cycle times, and most importantly, the reassurance of dispute-free insurer and policyholder claims settlements and satisfaction on every claim handled.
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