edjuster’s AODA Multi-Year Accessibility Plan


edjuster is committed to working towards full compliance with all standards under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (“AODA”) as they are introduced. In doing so, we affirm our commitment to providing quality services in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities.

The Multi-Year Accessibility Plan outlines the policies, achievements and actions that edjuster have put in place to improve opportunities for people with disabilities.


edjuster operates in the property claims industry, offering superior Software, Service and Product Fulfillment Solutions to insurers and their claimants across North America. Our mission is to achieve 100% dispute-free claim settlements for our insurer clients and their policyholders across all our evaluations.
Our most valued resource is our people. We recognize that our mission to achieve 100% dispute-free claim settlements for our insurer clients and their policyholders can only be achieved with their involvement and commitment. We are committed to creating an environment where all employees will be provided equal opportunity for their personal and professional growth, removing any barriers for employees with disabilities.


edjuster is committed to treating all people with dignity and independence. We believe in integration and equal opportunity. We are committed to meeting the needs of people with disabilities in a timely manner, and will do so by preventing and removing barriers to accessibility and meeting accessibility requirements under AODA.

edjuster is committed to continuously review, develop, implement and improve our policies and processes to meet the accessibility requirements under the AODA and its associated regulations. To facilitate this commitment, edjuster will establish, maintain and document a multi-year accessibility plan that will be reviewed and updated periodically to identify progress made in addressing barriers.


edjuster uses reasonable efforts to ensure that its policies, practices and procedures are consistent with the following principles:

  • Services are provided in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities.
  • edjuster employees, when communicating with a person with a disability, will do so in a manner that takes into account the person’s disability.
  • Persons with disabilities may use assistive devices and/or support persons in the access of goods and services.
  • Persons with disabilities and their service animals are accommodated in all aspects of service provision unless the animal is otherwise excluded by law.


E.1 Accessible emergency information

A majority of edjuster employees work remotely from their home-based offices. edjuster has developed emergency and safety procedures to follow in a given emergency situation (fire, bomb threat, earthquake, lockdown etc.) for its employees at the Head Office located in Ottawa. These procedures are posted at the location. edjuster recommends that all persons with disabilities or special needs to become familiar with the emergency procedures and policies that are posted onsite. During the onboarding process for new hires, edjuster informs new hires of the availability of individual emergency response plans that takes into account their disability. edjuster is committed to providing employees with the emergency information, plans or safety information in an accessible manner upon request. edjuster has provided, and will continue to provide employees with disabilities with individualized emergency response information when necessary, and as soon as practically possible. If an employee who receives individualized workplace emergency response information requires assistance, with the employee’s consent, the workplace emergency response information will be given to the designated employee providing the assistance.

E.2 Training

edjuster is committed to providing training in the requirements of Ontario’s accessibility law and the Ontario Human Rights Code as it applies to people with disabilities.

edjuster’s comprehensive Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, renewed annually, provides specific guidelines to employees to safeguard against any form of discrimination or harassment in the workplace and in communication with internal and external clients.

edjuster will provide training to employees as soon as practicable upon the individual being assigned the applicable duties, and on an ongoing basis as changes occur to edjuster policies, procedures, and practices relating to the provision of services to persons with disabilities.

  • edjuster will ensure that all relevant education, material or resources pertaining to training in the requirements of Ontario’s accessibility law and the Ontario Human Rights Code as it relates to people with disabilities are made available to employees via the internal Employee Portal, or delivered online, in a manner that best suits the duties and needs of the employees who deal with the public on edjuster’s behalf.
  • edjuster will also ensure that the training materials and resources are provided in a format that takes into account the accessibility needs of a person with a disability, upon request.
  • edjuster will maintain a database of the training undertaken by the relevant groups of employees, with the participants’ names and dates of completion of training.

E.3 Information and Communications

edjuster is committed to making its information and communications accessible to people with disabilities.

edjuster will consult with people with disabilities to determine their information and communication needs. Our goal is to achieve the most effective and efficient access to information for all users, for both internal and external clients.

To achieve this goal, edjuster will undertake the following plans to ensure compliance with the requirements:

  • Ensure essential information is accessible to persons with disabilities.
  • A feedback process will be established that is accessible. Alternate formats will be made available, such as telephone, mail and in-person. These processes will be communicated to the public and will be made available on our website.
  • Ensure that our website design is user-friendly for people with a range of needs.
  • Will provide training on the AODA Information and Communication Standards to employees that are involved in developing and disseminating information internally or externally on behalf of edjuster.

E.4 Employment Standards

E.4.1 – Recruitment

edjuster is committed to inclusive and accessible employment practices that attract and retain individuals with disabilities. We have taken steps to notify the public and employees, that when requested, edjuster will accommodate people with disabilities throughout all phases of the employment relationship.

E.4.2 – Documented Individual Accommodation Plans

edjuster is committed to providing documented individual accommodation plans that include the following:

  • Participation of the employee requiring the individual accommodation plan.
  • Requesting outside medical evaluation, to the extent necessary, to determine if accommodation can be achieved and how.
  • Ensuring a high level of privacy is achieved, and that information is only disclosed to individuals as necessary, and in order to achieve the accommodation needs of the person with a disability.
  • Providing regular review, updates and communication with the employee during the accommodation process.
  • Providing the employee with information if a request for accommodation is denied.
  • Providing individual accommodation plans in a format that takes into account the needs of the employee.
  • If necessary, including individualized workplace emergency response information.

E.4.3 – Return to Work

edjuster is committed to developing and putting in place a process for developing individual accommodation plans and return to work policies for employees that have been absent due to a disability or an injury.

edjuster will collaborate with the relevant institutions and service providers to implement return-to-work plans for employees who have been absent from work due to a disability or an injury and require disability-related accommodations in order to return to work.

Accessibility Review

edjuster will discuss accessibility issues and monitor compliance with the requirements of AODA by periodic review of policies and processes at Joint Health and Safety meetings and policy reviews conducted by senior HR and Operations representatives.

Contact details

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Standard and accessible formats of this document are available on request from accessibility@edjuster.com.

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