Message on COVID-19 from edjuster’s CEO,
Andy Williams

COVID-19 is changing everything about life and work as we know it. We’re all focused on how to best protect and support our families, employees, customers, and communities in the face of this unfolding crisis. First and foremost, and on behalf of our edjuster employees, I want to let you know that our thoughts are with those who are affected.

edjuster’s mission has always been to enable our customers with seamless and valued services, both in the field and behind the desk. In a drastically changed environment, our focus continues to center on ensuring high levels of customer service and satisfaction are achieved on each and every claim assigned – services you have come to trust and depend on will maintain in line with our Performance Excellence Guaranteed commitment, regardless of the nature of the circumstances.

We are an essential partner to the insurance industry, performing inventory and valuation services of non-salvageable contents damaged by covered perils. We have a work-from-home model wherein our Content Claims Specialists work with policyholders on creating lists of damaged personal property content, moving claims along quicker and putting settlement funds into the hands of policyholders.  For high severity losses, our Field team is required to complete the inventory onsite at the policyholder’s home or business and involves the following steps:

  • Contacting the policyholder and adjuster following assignment and scheduling the inventory
  • Travel to the claim site
  • Conducting the physical inventory of non-salvageable content items onsite – data collection

I am pleased to now confirm that edjuster (across North America) is deemed an essential service. This is of course critical for us in continuing our field inventory services with minimal disruption. I want to assure you that this fundamental aspect of the contents value chain will not be impacted or curtailed in any way because we are working remotely or unable to travel. With the recent expansion of our ground coverage footprint, we have the ability to respond to claim loss sites by vehicle travel only and will continue to operate within our SLA guidelines, where it remains within our control.

All of us at edjuster are focused on enabling our customers to be productive and collaborative during this challenging time. Here are a few things we are doing to accomplish this goal:

Ensuring Continuity of Service;

  • Our employed field staff is fully trained on all Health and Safety protocols to ensure that we are keeping our staff, clients and over vendor partners safe when completing onsite inventories.
  • Expanded ground coverage and infrastructure allowing us to travel to claim loss sites without relying on air travel
  • Existing home-based business model with full capacity VPN connections centralized and at each home based employee location

We also recognize the critical role our technology plays in your business success. I’d like to assure you that edjuster’s Cloud-based Contents Management and Valuation Platform (exclaim) remains fully operational across all aspects of our claims processing, including client reporting.

edjuster is here to support you during these unprecedented times. Our employees are available for any questions or concerns you may have.

Above all, stay safe and healthy.

Andy Williams

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edjuster's mission aligns directly with its brand promise for performance excellence guaranteed contents claims settlements.

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Simply put, this promise answers the demands of all parties concerned: insurers, adjusters and policyholders. We’re proud to be aligned with a vision that recognizes the importance of providing unparalleled contents claims services. Practically this translates into accuracy, consistency, improved cycle times, and most importantly, the reassurance of dispute-free insurer and policyholder claims settlements and satisfaction on every claim handled.
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