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Content claims made easy

Claims handling expertise

Our proprietary, fully-managed process for managing residential and commercial claims results in fair and accurate claim settlements. Unmatched by any other competitor in the market, edjuster controls the financial obligation of claims for insurers, while providing unparalleled service to policyholders.

Structured pricing data

The only contents company in North America with structured pricing data, ensuring a product search hit rate of >70%, centrally managed within the platform. Delivering accurate and reliable LKQ pricing, guaranteed.

Greatest per claim value

The highest level quality of products and customer service, combined with our predictable and transparent billing model offers the greatest per claim value vs. all other contents providers.

At edjuster, we provide insurers with the choice and combination of three very distinct and effective services (in-house valuation software, Mobile inventory capability for adjusters and high-severity claims services) that, when combined, create solutions tailored to fit the specific requirements of each organization’s unique claims operation. This allows insurers to support our purpose for helping people at the time of need and our belief that it is the right thing to do in the best interest of both the insurer and their claimants – the result each and every time is fast, fair, dispute-free contents settlements.

Regardless of the combination of services chosen, our programs are easily implemented, cost-effective and allow insurers to provide their claimants support and achieve fair and accurate claim settlements while delivering maximum results in all key areas, including:

  • Higher levels of customer service
  • Leakage control and lower costs of indemnity payout
  • Better use of adjuster resources
  • Measurable efficiency gains and improved cycle time performance
  • Lower costs of claims processing
  • Enhanced Insurer image and reputation
  • Ongoing claim program improvements

Contents claims adjusting is a difficult and time consuming job. Very few insurance companies conduct an investigation and evaluation of contents losses, although they may be evaluating real property damage. This area tends to be the most overlooked arena when dealing with property claims.

Insurance company adjusters usually handle contents claims by providing the policyholder with paperwork for them to assess and complete. Policyholders can be tasked with listing out details about every article damaged or lost. Most policyholders start the tedious task of remembering what was destroyed or lost, figuring out if it can be repaired, the original cost, the age, the condition (if asked), and come up with values from a search on the internet.

edjuster eliminates this painful process for policyholders, by providing a non-partisan, fair and reliable service for both carriers and claimants alike. Adjusters benefit by outsourcing the contents evaluation process to our expert claims specialists, who have a  proven and reliable approach to reaching a fair settlement for both parties.

Major loss and damage claims can come in many forms and can strike suddenly. The results of these unexpected events are often catastrophic and can leave claimants in complete disarray. In many cases, policyholders are left feeling traumatized and emotionally drained while faced with a number of difficult concerns.

Customers who experience a traumatic loss are left with juggling various changes and responsibilities, where to live, maintaining their work schedules, children, all while being involved in the claim process.

How We Help:

  • We provide a specialized service that deals with the tedious, time consuming task of inventorying and pricing all non-restorable/damaged items in your home
  • Major losses can be traumatic with much emotional distress – during these times,edjuster removes the onus and burden of having to document the details of your lost items
  • On behalf of your insurance company, our proven and efficient processes allow us to work closely with you to ensure all lost/damaged items are fully accounted for and assessed fairly and accurately
  • We provide excellent visibility over your claim details through the use of detailed room and item-category reports
  • Our service is designed to ensure full transparency so that both insurer and policyholder are fully informed to reach a fair contents resolution
  • We operate with a very high standard of communications to ensure all of your questions or concerns are addressed without delay
  • Our claims handling services track record is ‘dispute-free’ and offers an exceptional level of value at the time of need

For over fifteen years, edjuster has established numerous service relationships with many of North America’s top insurance companies, all of which are based on trust and proven claims handling performance. We specialize in providing professional, non-partisan services to thousands of distraught claimants on behalf of its many insurance customers each year. On an item by item basis, our role in working between the adjuster and claimant as an unbiased third-party is to independently assess and value all of the non-restorable lost or damaged contents so fair market replacement cost value can be established fairly and accurately on all items.

Non-partisan approach on each & every claim.

What our clients say

Proven track record


dispute-free claims settlement track record


proven indemnity accuracy


productivity increases through use of exclaim valuation platform

Why edjuster

  • Effective communications and weekly status report updates for adjusters
  • Detailed reviews of work schedules with policyholders
  • We employ our people (do not use contractors) to ensure consistent results on all claims
  • Cover all geographical areas across North America
  • Accurate and reliable RCV ACV allow for effective, friendly and dispute-free settlements

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edjuster's mission aligns directly with its brand promise for performance excellence guaranteed contents claims settlements.

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Simply put, this promise answers the demands of all parties concerned: insurers, adjusters and policyholders. We’re proud to be aligned with a vision that recognizes the importance of providing unparalleled contents claims services. Practically this translates into accuracy, consistency, improved cycle times, and most importantly, the reassurance of dispute-free insurer and policyholder claims settlements and satisfaction on every claim handled.
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